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Dec 8, 2015

Adventure Time : Finn and Jake Investigations

What's up robots, humans, spams, and all internet users, i'm here to bring you a new game unpopular but good.

It is Adventure Time, a Cartoon Network TV Show it's about the last human trying to live and be a hero in the land of Ooo after apocalyptic nuclear war/great war, with his dog, and his allies he goes up and up, that's my point of view about the cartoon, it was good if you ever watched that.

This game is a story-driven 3D graphic adventure game. This mysterious adventure will put Finn and Jake’s detective skills to the test as they search for clues, interrogate witnesses, bust a few goons, and piece

this launch trailer was taken in real-time gameplay so it will be like this when you play the game,       i think it's good for you kiddo or maybe grown up to who like cartoon and comic (it doesn't mean nerdies) so okay that's all now it's time for download

Magnet Torrent Download

KaosKrew Site Download

if you like the game buy the legal version on STEAM

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