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Jul 12, 2013

Team Fortress Classic

Team Fortress Classic
The CD case box art for Team Fortress Classic
The box art for Team Fortress Classic depicts the heavy class against the backdrop of Half-Life's box art.
Developer(s)Valve Corporation
Publisher(s)Sierra Studios
Distributor(s)Sierra Studios (retail)
Steam (online)
Designer(s)John Cook
Robin Walker
SeriesTeam Fortress
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows,Mac OS XLinux[1]
Release date(s)April 7, 1999[2]
Genre(s)First-person shooter

This is 12 years Popular Half Life Mod, But I was Remake This Game To
Team Fortress 2 Skins So Download It And ENJOY
If Can't Install, Install it On your Half life 1 Directory
If You Want To Add Bots  Download here
Bots Dowload Install to your half-life directory
Install Bots :
I was complete the repack of bots
now you can install it with no error .exe
not like the original exe in foxbot it's fake it will broke your game
just use my installer
  1. Open foxbot-setup-test
  2. wait until it's finish
  3. after finished open foxbot-setup ( pass : gamertbk.blogspot.com )
  4. and Install to your main half-life folder
This Is My Skin Packs
Skins Download Just extract to whereyouinstall/tfc ,
replace all files with this 98mb skin pack
After it Ran the game and click `
In Console Wrote mp_consistency 0
You should write mp_consistency 0 every you ran the game

Don't Worry Its An Old Skin, If You Download My skins You can get better than this
Look The different It's Better,yah
If you can't look the different just eat your Computer

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