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Jan 10, 2014

Civillian Busy Daily Events Mod List & Download GTA SA


1. SF Fire Dept. Realistic
Hello everyone! 
Here came the second version of my script "Realistic Fire Station in San Fierro. 
In this version I've fixed all the bugs. Now firefighters are on the ground. 
Mod description: 
V 1.0 

  • One firefighter was near the wall and smoke. 
  • Two firefighters standing and talking. 
  • Near the gate there are two fire trucks. 
V 2.0 

  • In the backyard of added fire truck. 
  • Near the machine is a mechanical and repairing it. 
Installation: the file FireStation add to my Cleo.


2. Busy Airport Activities Las Venturas

What is added? 

  • Near the airport is a taxi driver who waits for customers. Beside him is a bum who wants that he took him to the dump. 
  • At the stop is the guy waiting for the bus. 
  • Some other stop (in front of Man) stands next to the bus driver (probably resting after a hard day's work) 
  • One girl came out from the airport and talking on the phone. 
  • Two girls standing and talking to each other. 
  • Some guy parked his van and resting. 
  • It is a machine, and by her man waiting for his boss. 
  • The guy took his girlfriend to the airport and puts her bags in the trunk. 
  • In the parking lot is a parked van. 
  • The guy in the parking lot polamalas car and he lifted the hood and something looks. 
Installation: the file RealAeroLV add to Cleo Folder    DOWNLOAD HERE

3. Busy Hospital in Los Santos
Revitalizes two hospitals in Los Santos.
Installation: Files TheBusyHospital and TheBusyHospital1 add to my Cleo

Distribution of the script can be only with the author and the original archive.

Author: Dimon_gta           DOWNLOAD HERE

4. Busy villager in El Kebrados (SF to LV)

  • At the gas station refueling talking on the phone. 
  • Near the column is a car Clover. 
  • In the area? Avdea Malvada is a car, and in it the corpse. 
  • To the girl Carla Barbara came a cop. 
  • Two grandmothers stand and talk. 
  • Dude brought his wife and takes things from the trunk. 
  • The guy brought a product and waiting when it will unload. 
  • At the bus stop is near and it is with the things my grandfather (the driver walked away on business). 
  • Near the hospital is a taxi and a grandfather himself to the driver. 
  • Near the hospital is by ambulance and is not far from her doctor. 
  • Some grandfather repairs his car.    DOWNLOAD HERE !!!

The revival of the village of El Kebrados v1.0 The revival of the village of El Kebrados v1.0 The revival of the village of El Kebrados v1.0
The Revival of Hospitals in Los Santos

The Revival of Hospitals in Los Santos The Revival of Hospitals in Los Santos The Revival of Hospitals in Los Santos
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Realistic Fire Station in SF v2.0Realistic Fire Station in SF v2.0

 Realistic Fire Station in SF v2.0
Busy Airport in Las Venturas

Busy Airport in Las Venturas Busy Airport in Las Venturas Busy Airport in Las Venturas

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