Feb 4, 2014

Niko Bellic GTA 4 to GTA SA

tags : niko bellic, Carl Johnson, skins, mods, gta san andreas, gta sa, grand theft auto, models, pack, replacement, gta sa to iv, gta sa skins, gta 4, sounds

this mod is not skin, it's full replacement and 1/4 of this mod is my work
i was change the normal player_torso.txd to brightener skin because GTAdedan not change that
so if you use Hot Coffee the NB is not using CJ body but Niko use athletic, bright CJ body
so cool, and replace anim with gtasafunkmods anim ( gta 4 ifp + anim.img ), and later i will use dual img just like skins but full replacement via CLEO if you can help just email or DM on my twitter, and fix the bugs of his neck, and the feet
 i am not post the pics for Hot Coffee

Download via G-Drive 
update = Player_legs for Hot coffee
sounds =Niko Bellic Sound to GTA SA
cleo mod = skin changer for mod
for the update please install it on player.img, the black feet is not his feet but a socks i can't replace it, and for the sound it's still beta from chetah.
the new skin changer is using skin.img, so if you wish to use this, extract player.img to cleo folder & rename to skin.img, i don't know it's working or not and extract the skin_o.cs from cleo mod link to cleo folder
to use it press TAB + E

this mod is no longer updated, so if you're not sure what're you doing, don't do it

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